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Obituary of W. C. Bearden, of Rocky Face, Whitfield, Georgia and Chattanooga, Hamilton, Tennessee, 1911

Subject: Obituary of W. C. Bearden 

Contributor of this extract: Deborah K. Pritchett (Family Search contributor)

Database/Library: GeorgiA LIbrary LEarning Online (GALILEO)

Publication Title (Newspaper): North Georgia Citizen
Day and Date of Publication: Thursday, 31 Aug 1911
Place of Publication: Dalton, Whitfield, Georgia, U.S. 
Page 2
Title of Column: "Mortuary"
Title of Obituary: "W. C. Bearden."

Access Date: 04 Oct 2018
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Name of Deceased: W. C. Bearden
Age: 43
Birth Year (estimated): about 1868 
Date of Death: Wed., 23 Aug 1911

Place of Death: Erlanger Hospital, Chattanooga, (Hamilton, Tennessee)

Residence: Not stated; probably Chattanooga, Hamilton, Tennessee

Previous Residence: Rocky Face, (Whitfield, Georgia)

Occupation: Yard conductor, N., C. & St. L. railroad

First Funeral Location: "residence of J. B. Whitener" (thought to be in Chattanooga, but not stated)

[Note: specifics on this first funeral were not given, but since they were mentioned before the fact of removal, and were preached by a Chattanooga minister, then this funeral probably took place on Thursday, 24 August, and probably in Chattanooga.]

First Funeral, Officiator: Rev. Allen Fort, pastor, Second Baptist church (of) Chattanooga, (Hamilton, Tennessee)

Religious Affiliation of Deceased (concluded as Christian, Baptist, Protestant)

Church Membership of Deceased: Second Baptist Church, Chattanooga, (Hamilton, Tennessee) 

Removal (Chattanooga, Hamilton, Tennessee, to Rocky Face, Whitfield, Georgia)

Date of Removal: Thurs., 24 Aug 1911

Second Funeral Date: Friday, 25 Aug 1911

Second Funeral Location: [not specified; probably occurred in Rocky Face, Whitfield, Georgia]

Second Funeral Officiator: Rev. Mr. Hudlow, pastor

Date of Burial: Friday, (25 Aug 1911)

Place of Burial: "nearby churchyard" (concluded as Rocky Face, Whitfield, Georgia)


Wife (not named)

Two Children:

   Jesse B. and Essie Mae (concluded as Bearden)

Two Brothers:

   Mr. J. D. Bearden, Tunnel Hill, (Whitfield, Georgia)
   G. W. Bearden, Missouri

Two Sisters:

   Mrs. Sarah Sanson, Rocky Face, (Whitfield, Georgia)
   Mrs. Josie Lynch, Rocky Face, (Whitfield, Georgia)


[Citation]: Deborah K. Pritchett (Family Search contributor), Obituary Extract, "W. C. Bearden" in "Mortuary," /North Georgia Citizen/ (Dalton, Whitfield, Georgia), 31 Aug 1911, page 2 (via GALILEO). (accessed 04 Oct 2018).

[Note: An unrelated obituary for another Bearden appears just under this one: Lilly Bearden, of Rocky Face, eight-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vince Bearden.]

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