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Obituary of Mrs. Charles B. Kirkpatrick (Elizabeth Ann Kirkpatrick), of Varnell, Whitfield, Georgia - 1904

Obituary of Mrs. C. B. Kirkpatrick 

Mrs. C. B. Kirkpatrick of Varnell, Whitfield, Georgia (1904).


[Newspaper] North Georgia Citizen
[Publication]: Thurs., 3 Mar. 1904, pg. 3
[City of publication]: Dalton, Georgia
[Column/Heading]: "Varnell News"
[Subheading]: "The Sad Death of an Estimable Lady Up There."

"Mrs. C. B. Kirkpatrick died Tuesday morning at 8 o'clock of pneumonia. She had been in feeble health for several months...."

Age]: nearly 75
Survivors "a husband and eight children, as follows: Mrs. Mary Lauderdale, Monett, Miss; Mrs. Arthur Parker, St. Elmo, Tenn.; Mrs. W. M. Robinson and Mrs. J. W. Webb, Chattanooga;
Mrs. D. A. Speer, Mrs. Jas. Hackney, Mrs. A. H. McDonald and H. M. Kirkpatrick, who reside here" [Varnell, Georgia].

[Funeral]: at Baptist Church, Wednesday morning
[Officiators]: Rev. Waller, of the Second Baptist church of Chattanooga, and Rev. Taylor, of Howardville.
[Choir]: Second Baptist church of Chattanooga.

[Praise, compliments, flowers, etc.]

Full Citation: "The Sad Death of an Estimable Lady Up There" [Mrs. C. B. Kirkpatrick], in "Varnell News" column of *North Georgia Citizen,* [Dalton, Georgia], Thurs., 3 Mar. 1904, pg. 3. (accessed 9 Dec. 2016).


Elizabeth Ann Kirkpatrick [commonly thought to be her maiden name, though it is possible that she had previously married another Kirkpatrick].

Birth: 14 Apr 1829, Virginia [once, listed as Tennessee].
Death: 01 Mar 1904, Varnell, Whitfield, Georgia.
Find A Grave Memorial no. 110245932.

Spouse: Charles Boyd Kirkpatrick.
Marriage: Marriage: 10 June 1847, Blount, Tennessee, US.

Dr. Joseph Thomas Kirkpatrick (1849-1902)
Mary Winniver Kirkpatrick (1850-1906)
Louvenia Jane Kirkpatrick (1851-1923)
Sally A. Kirkpatrick (1853-1934)
Houston Martin Kirkpatrick (1855-1924)
Susan Alice Kirkpatrick (1857-1908)
Nancy Emma Kirkpatrick (1859-1912)
Charles Jackson Kirkpatrick (1862-1864)
Julia Elizabeth Kirkpatrick (1864-1948)
Fannie G. Kirkpatrick (1866-    )


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