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Isaac Cooper and Mattie Jane Emaline Wigley (I)

Isaac and Mattie Jane (Wigley) Cooper

Isaac Cooper married Mattie Jane Emaline Wigley on 9 November 1902 in Trenton, Dade County, Georgia.

Isaac, born 29 March 1879 in Alabama, was the seventh son of Peter and Malinda (Sizemore) Cooper, who married on 28 August 1864 in Dekalb County, Alabama. Mattie, born 14 September 1886, was the daughter of James Marion and Mary E. (Bryant) Wigley, who married on 23 December 1880, in Dade County, Georgia.

The Coopers settled near their people in Long Island, Jackson County, Alabama. Isaac and Mattie had one stillborn son (later named Isaac, Jr.); and three daughters, Rosie Elizabeth Cooper, born 15 May 1906; Pearl Ellen Cooper, born 7 February 1908; and Sally Bell Cooper, born 16 July 1910. Mattie died on 18 June 1911 in Jackson County, Alabama, when her daughter, Sally, was just a baby. Mattie had never been well since the baby was born ~ she had a hole in her bladder. Isaac was a farmer. One day, while he was gone, Mattie found that there was going to be bad weather. She hurried out to try to get the crops in. This destroyed her health, and shortly after that, she died. Mattie is buried at the old cemetery in Island Creek Cove, Jackson County, Alabama.

Isaac remarried, first to Clarancy Cleo Colvin; and, after she died, to Estelle Higdon. He had six children by each of his other wives: sixteen children in all.

Isaac Cooper lived on the bluff in Long Island, Alabama. Some of his people, and the Wigleys, lived down in the cove. Later, he lived in Bridgeport (or the area came to be called Bridgeport). Cleo's half-brother, Mark ("Bean") lived with him for many years. Later in life, Isaac moved in with his daughter, Sally (Cooper) Bryant, in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia. Finally, he moved into a nursing home. Isaac died in Collinsville, Dekalb County, Alabama, on 18 May 1977. He is buried at Sequatchie Valley Memorial Cemetery, Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee.

The photo of Isaac and Mattie (above) is a double portrait. However, I could not take it out of the frame, and could not get both faces into focus at once; therefore, I photographed each face separately and put the two images together. The original photograph belonged to Sally (Cooper) Bryant.

My other image file was scanned by ScanCafe, possibly straight from my negative. The color and clarity is a little better in the newly uploaded shots:

Isaac and Mattie (Wigley) Cooper photos

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