Sunday, July 20, 2014

About This Blog

This blog is my place to share documents, photos, and mementos from my family tree. I've been collecting and connecting on these lines for many years; I needed a way to organize them. I also wanted to publish and share some of what I've collected. This is a little different for me ~ I've been kind of stingy in the past. I've finally put some of my stuff on Family Search, but I need to have things close at hand and organized in a better way. For awhile, I published unrelated bits and pieces on another little blog. I was able to access it using Pico Search on Southern Muse ~ but then Pico went out of business. So now, we're going to try Blogger.

Our lines of kin are these: Pritchett, Headrick, Emert, Dunn, Caylor, Patty, Petty, Pankey, and Murray (of North Georgia and East Tennessee); Bryant, Gray, Cooper, and Sizemore (of North Alabama and North Georgia).

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