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Obituary (Extract): Jeffie McDaniel, Mrs. John Henry Jones

Obituary of Jeffie (McDaniel) Jones
Extract by D.K. Pritchett
Library/Database: GeorgiA LIbrary LEarning Online (GALILEO)
Publication: North Georgia Citizen
Place of Publication: Dalton, Whitfield, Georgia
Date of Publication: Thurs., 26 Feb. 1914
Page 5

Headline: "Mrs. John Henry Jones Died Yesterday Morning,"

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Access Date: 13 May 2018

Married Name: Mrs. John Henry Jones
Maiden Name: Jeffie McDaniel
Marriage year: about 1912

Date of Death (not stated; implied): on or before 26 Feb. 1914

Date of Funeral (announced): Friday, est. 27 Feb. 1914

City of Interment: Calhoun (Gordon Co., Georgia)

Birth Place (or Home Town as young child): Calhoun (Gordon Co.), Georgia

Home Town (later as a child): Whitfield County, Georgia

Residence (at time of death): Fitzgerald, , Georgia

Husband (surviving): John Henry Jones, formerly of Clio, (Barbour Co.), Alabama

Parents (surviving): Mr. and Mrs. W. J. McDaniel, of Calhoun (Gordon Co., Georgia)

Sisters (surviving): Nettie, Maude, and Julia McDaniel; Mrs. Glover (Atlanta); Mrs. Logan R. Pitts (Calhoun)

Baby daughter (surviving; not named in obituary)

[Citation]: "Mrs. John Henry Jones Died Yesterday Morning," |North Georgia Citizen| (Dalton, Whitfield, Georgia), 26 Feb. 1914, page 5 (via GALILEO). (accessed 13 May 2018; extract by D.K. Pritchett).

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