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Heirs of Mrs. H A Prater, Power of Attorney to Sell Land, Deed Book V, Pages 641-642, Whitfield County, Georgia

Whitfield County, Georgia
Superior Court Records
Deed Book V, Pages 641-642

[PAGE 641]:

Mrs. Bettie Chambers
Mrs. J F Monning et al
William H. Prater
Power of Attorney

State of Georgia Whitfield County

Know all men by these presents
That we, Mrs. Bettie Chambers, of New York City, Mrs J F Monning of Amarillo Texas and R R Prater of Chattanooga Tenn., heirs of the late Mrs H. A Prater, and by these presents constitute and appoint William H Prater, of the county of Whitfield and state of Georgia, our true and lawful attorney -in- fact, for to sell certain real estate belonging to us, lying in the counties of Whitfield and Murray, State of Georgia, specified or particularized as follows, to- wit.

All that tract or parcel of land for which Cooper holds bond -for- titles from our mother, the said Mrs H A Prater, executed during her life, also all that tract or parcel of land for which Robinson holds bond -for- title from


[PAGE 642]: 

our mother the said Mrs H A Prater which said tracts are more particularly described in said bonds and any and all other bonds derived by the undersigned from the estate of the said Mrs H A Prater and for which there are outstanding bonds -or- title said outstanding contracts to be terminated upon such terms as the said William K Prater may deem best, to execute conveyances of title accordingly and to receive payment therefor

And we give and grant unto our said attorney full power and authority to do and perform every legal act and thing necessary in the permises, as amply to all intents and purposes, as we might or could do if personally present hereby satisfying and confirming all that our said attorney shall lawfully do by virtue here of.

It is fully understood and intended that our said attorney is to exercise full and complete control, and to do such other and further thing in the premises as if we were personally present and acting

Hereby satisfying his every legal act therein

Signed, sealed, delivered
in our presence by Mrs
J F Monning and Mrs Bettie
Chambers, Jul 27, 1909

Mrs Bettie Chambers
Mrs J F Monning
Maggie P Manly
W M Sapp Clerk Superior Court
Whitfield County, Ga

Signed in our presence
by R R Prater, this --
day of -- 190-
R R Prater (Seal)

Filed recorded and certified for Jan 14, 1910.
W. M. Sapp  C.S.C.


Transcribed by D.K. Pritchett on 14 March 2018, from manuscript.

[Transcriber's note: Sometimes the clerk's capital "R" looks like his capital "A." I have spaced between paragraphs, unlike in the deed record.]


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