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Obituary of Martin Posey Berry (1908), Whitfield County, Georgia

Obituary of M. P. Berry
Library/Database: GALILEO (GeorgiA LIbrary LEarning Online)
Publication: North Georgia Citizen
City of Publication: Dalton, Whitfield, Georgia
Date of Publication: Thursday, 29 Oct. 1908
Page: 1; Column
Title of Article: "M. P. Berry Gone To His Reward"
  Subtitle 1: "Excellent Old Gentleman Died Tuesday Afternoon."
  Subtitle 2: "Was 82 Years Old."
  Subtitle 3: "Another of Pioneer Citizens Has Followed Comrades to Great Reward/--His Useful Life."
Name of Deceased: (Mr.) M. P. Berry
Age of Deceased: 82
Date of Death: "Tuesday afternoon" (est. 27 Oct. 1908)
Place of Death: (not stated; concluded, Dalton, Whitfield, Georgia)
Date of Birth: 25 October 1826
Place of Birth: Ellijay (Gilmer, Georgia)
Residence: (not stated; concluded, Dalton, Whitfield, Georgia)
Previous Residence: Murray County, Georgia, from 1831 (technically Cherokee Nation, concluded)
Date of First Marriage: 1849
First Wife (Deceased, 1897): Mary S. Tye
Children (Surviving): Mrs. Amanda Charles, T. A. Berry, S. E. Berry (all of Dalton); and Mr. J. M. Berry (of Atlanta)
Second Wife (Surviving): Miss Mattie Combs
Profession: Teacher (Taught in Murray and Cass Counties, Georgia, est. 1842-1876)
Place of Education: James Academy, Monroe County, Tennessee (degree/level, not stated)
Military (N/A): Exempted from Confederate Service; taught in/during Confederacy
Elected Office: County School Commissioner, 1884-1904 (county concluded to be Whitfield)
Religious Affiliation: Christian, Methodist (for 50 years)
Church Membership: First Methodist Church of Dalton
Funeral Service: "yesterday" (est. Wed., 28 Oct. 1908)
Place of Funeral: "at the home" (concluded, Dalton, Whitfield, Georgia)
Officiators: Rev. Edmondson; Rev. Gatlin
Burial: West Hill Cemetery (Dalton, Whitfield, Georgia)
Other: Father of deceased was killed by tornado in Murray County when deceased was aged four (est. 1831, before October)

Full Citation: "M.P. Berry Gone To His Reward," North Georgia Citizen (Dalton, Whitfield, Georgia), 29 Oct. 1908, pg. 1 (via GALILEO). (accessed 04 May 2017).

Full Name (from FamilySearch family tree): Martin Posey Berry

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