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Obituary of Georgia Lowther, Daughter of B. F. Lowther - May 1907, Cedartown, Polk, Georgia

Obituary of Georgia Lowther

Publication: Cedartown Standard
Place of Publication: Cedartown, Polk, Georgia
Date of Publication: 30 May 1907
Page: 3; Column 3
Title of Obituary: "A Sad and Sudden Death."
Library/Database: GALILEO (GeorgiA LIbrary LEarning Online)

Name of Deceased: Georgia Lowther

Title of Deceased: Miss

Residence: Cedartown, (Polk), Georgia

Date of Death: "last Thursday night" (est. 23 March 1907).

Place of Death: (not stated; concluded): Cedartown, Polk, Georgia

Date of Burial: (not stated; surviving family members accompanied her remains to Maryland

Place of Burial: Baltimore, Maryland

Brief Prayer (in lieu of funeral, locally): by Rev. H. M. Quillian, her pastor

Funeral Service: brief prayer in Cedartown, Georgia; possibly also memorialized in Maryland (date not stated).

Cause of Death: (not stated)

Duration of Illness: "several days"

Other: "...a trained nurse had been brought in from Atlanta the evening before her death."

Date of Birth: (not stated; she was young)

Place of Birth: (not stated; probably Maryland)

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Lowther (surviving)

Brother: Frank Lowther (surviving)

Place of Funeral (concluded): Maryland

Other: Body accompanied by family to Maryland

Church Affiliation (member of): Methodist Church

Graduated from: (Cedartown) public schools

Remarks/Praise: "as sweet of character as she was fair of face"; "a young lady of exceptional talent and literary taste"

Extract by: D.K. Pritchett, 28 March 2017; also published on FamilySearch.org

Full Citation: Obituary of Georgia Lowther, "A Sad and Sudden Death," |Cedartown Standard|, Cedartown, Polk, Georgia, Thurs., 30 May 1907, pg. 3 (via GALILEO). http://dlg.galileo.usg.edu/ngnewspapers/id:csn1907-0187 (accessed 28 March 2017).

Related: Find A Grave: Memorial no. 101731821: Georgia Lowther. Birth: October 1, 1878, per memorial; tombstone has October 1, 1879 (from photo). Death: May 24, 1907. Burial: Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Eldersburg, Carroll, Maryland, United States of America. Note that the death date on the stone is one day off from the estimated death date, which was calculated from the given day (Thurs., May 23, a week previous to the date of the obituary, Thurs., May 30, 1907). Calendar used for calculation in the above extract: U.S. Calendar for 1907, Time and Date website, timeanddate.com , https://www.timeanddate.com/calendar/?year=1907 (accessed 28 March 2017).

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