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Obituary of B. F. Lowther (Cedartown, Polk, Georgia), 1918 - formerly of Baltimore, Maryland (Benjamin Franklin Lowther)

Obituary of Mr. B. F. Lowther

Publication: Cedartown Standard 
Place of Publication: Cedartown, Polk, Georgia, U.S.A.
Date of Publication: Thursday, 31 January 1918
Page: 3
Title of Article: "Death of a Sterling Citizen"
Media: Newspaper
Library/Database: GALILEO (GeorgiA LIbrary LEarning Online)
Website: Galileo
Home Page:
Access Date: 23 Feb. 2017
31 Jan. 1918, pg. 3
Subject: Obituary

Name: B. F. Lowther (1)  
Gender: Male (implied, "Mr.")
Age: 72 "last November" (1917)
Birth: November (est. 1845)
Date of Death: "during the night" (date not stated; before  January 1918, concluded)
Cause of Death: Pneumonia
Place of Death: not stated [in/near Cedartown, Polk, Georgia, concluded]
Place of Birth: near Baltimore [Maryland, U.S.A., concluded]
Place of Residence: "here" [Cedartown, Polk, Georgia, concluded]
Moved: "twenty-seven years ago" (est. 1891)
Previous Residence (before 1891): Garrett [Dekalb], Indiana
Wife (surviving): Mrs. Lowther (previously Miss Kate Backer, (2) of Baltimore)
Marriage: "Forty years ago" (est. 1878)
Surviving Son: Mr. Frank Lowther (3) (Chattanooga)
Preceding in Death: "another son and daughter…several years ago"
First Occupation: Office Boy, B. & O. [Railroad]
Occupation (before 1891): Master Mechanic, I. B. & Q. (4) [Railroad]
Occupation (as of 1891): Superintendent, East & West Railroad
Occupation (sometime after 1891): Proprietor, Cedartown Ice Company (5)

Church Affiliation: First Methodist church [of Cedartown, Polk, Georgia, concluded, probable]
Membership: Missionary Committee (of First Methodist church)
Funeral Services: "Saturday" [apparently 26 January 1918, as preceding publication of obituary on Thurs., 31 January]
Place of Funeral: "at the residence" [Cedartown, Polk, Georgia, concluded]
Officiator/Minister: Rev. W. T. Hunnicutt
Burial [after 26 January 1918]: "at his boyhood home near Baltimore"


(1) B. F. Lowther (the deceased), born November 1846, appears in the US Census, 1900, as "Benjamin F Lowther" (Cedartown town, Polk, Georgia, U.S.); he is usually listed in genealogies as Benjamin Franklin Lowther, born 8 November 1846, in Maryland.

(2) Kate Backer (also known as Catherine A. Backer, Kate Becker or Katie A. Baker): Ref., Katie A. Baker married B. F. Lowther, 14 Oct 1878, , Carroll, Maryland, as listed in "Maryland Marriages, 1666-1970," ( No image available with index.

(3) Mr. Frank Lowther, born July 1881, appears in the US Census, 1900, as "Benjamine F Lowther Jr." (Cedartown town, Polk, Georgia, U.S.); and in "United States World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918" ( as "Benjamin Franklin Lowther," born 28 July 1881. Other places of residence, besides Cedartown, Polk, Georgia, and Chattanooga, Hamilton, Tennessee (per external research): Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio (1904); and Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky (1911). His wife is Pearl Beatrice Owens.

(4) No reference found for “I. B. & Q." It could be a typo for C.B. & Q. (Chicago, Burlington & Quincy, operating in Illinois and Iowa); or that railroad may have been called the Illinois/Iowa B. & Q. at some time in its history.

(5) (Later, referring to the East & West Railroad), “When this road passed into the hands of the Seaboard, he went into business here, organizing the Cedartown Ice Co. and later adding a coal department.”


Transcribed by D. K. Pritchett on 23 February 2017; also to be published on, under Person I.D. of Benjamin Franklin Lowther.

Full Citation: Obituary of Mr. B. F. Lowther, "Death of a Sterling Citizen," |Cedartown Standard| (Cedartown, Polk, Georgia), 31 Jan. 1918, pg. 3 (via Galileo). (accessed 23 Feb. 2017).

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