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Obituary of Lewis L. Nix (Louis L. Nix) in North Georgia Citizen, Dalton, Whitfield, Georgia (1908)

Lewis L. Nix, also known as Louis L. Nix

[Obituary publication]: *North Georgia Citizen,* Thursday, 5 March 1908, page 1.

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[Headline]: "Bled to Death at Saw Mill"
[Subhead 1]: "Lewis Nix Met Fatal Accident Saturday"
[Subhead 2]: "Arteries in Leg Were Cut"
[Subhead 3]: "Fly Wheel Flew From Engine, Striking Young Man Below the Knee, and Death Resulted."

[Extract and quotes]:

 "Young Lewis Nix met death in a strange manner last Saturday afternoon about 2:20 o'clock, about four and one-half miles east of the city. He was hit below the left knee by a broken fly wheel of a sawmill engine, and bled to death before his friends knew he had received a dangerous wound."

 [Summary, with quotes]: The article goes on to describe the accident. The sawmill engine had begun to run "at great speed" and couldn't be slowed. The strain caused the flywheel to break, spewing shrapnel, one piece of which hit Nix's leg. The man "lay down in the sawdust, believing he would soon get over the effects of the blow." He would not let his friends examine the wound. The sawdust hid how much blood was being lost. The man quickly grew weak. His friends finally examined the wound and called Dr. Hightower, but it was too late. Nix died. Funeral held: Harmony Church, Monday afternoon. Interment: Harmony Cemetery. "The death of young Nix cast a gloom over the entire eastern portion of the county, where he was well known and liked by nearly everyone."


[A second mention of Nix is on page two of the same issue, in community news under the "Union Point" column]:

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  "It was a shock to the whole community when we heard of the sudden death of Mr. Lewis Nix. He was at work at his uncle's saw mill when a piece of the flywheel flew and hit him, which caused him to bleed to death in less than three hours. Mr. Nix was a kind, good-hearted boy, and never did anybody any harm. The bereaved family have the sympathy of their many friends.
  "There will be services at Union Point next Sunday morning at 11 o'clock."
  [Link to page with Union Point column]:

[Calculated dates]: Death date calculated to 29 Feb. 1908 [1908 was a leap year]. Funeral and Interment: Monday, 2 March 1908 at Harmony Church. Special Memorial Church Service: Sunday, 8 March 1908.

Citation: "Bled to Death at Saw Mill: Lewis Nix Met Fatal Accident Saturday," [and other mention] in *North Georgia Citizen* [Dalton, Georgia], Thurs., 5 March 1908, pg. 1, 2. (accessed 4 Dec. 2016).

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