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Deed: From M.A. Flowers and Angeline Center to G.L. Headrick, Murray County, Georgia, Deed Book V, page 139

Deed from M. A. Flowers & Angeline Center to G.L. Headrick
Murray County, Georgia
Deed Book V, page 139


Deed From
M. A. Flowers &
Angeline Center
G.L. Headrick
 #243-10th & 3rd

State of Georgia.
Murray County.

      In consideration of the sum of five Hundred and Seventy Five Dollars ($575) paid to M. A. Flowers and Angeline Center of the county of Murray and State of Georgia do hereby sell and convey unto G.L. Headrick of the county of Murray and State of Georgia, to his heirs and assigns, a tract or parcel of land which is described as follows:
      North west of lot no. 243 in 10th Dist & 3rd Section 30 & 4/100 acres commencing at a rock. Northeast corner running South 87½ East 95 rods 3½ feet to dividing line; thence north 87½ East 300 feet thence north 59 west 628 feet thence north 50 west 582 feet thence north 86 west 552 feet thence north 2½ west 586 feet; thence south 87½ East 1315 feet to a rock corner commencing point and nine acres 36/100 part of an acre of same lot no. 243 10th Dist 3 Sec. on the East side of forty acres of Southwest corner, bounded as follows: On the north by Douthitt, East by Isenhower, Bond and Harris, South by Rickett and and west by Poag containing forty acres.
      To have and to hold said land and appurtenances unto said G.L. Headrick, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns in fee simple.
      We warrant the title to said lands against the lawful claims of all persons.
      In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and affixed our seals, this the 12 day of August, 1905.

    M. A. Flowers {Seal)
Angeline Center (Seal)
    G. W. Center (Seal)

Signed sealed and delivered in presence of  
J.M. Poag
R.N. McCamy, N.P. & J.P.  Recorded Sept 8, 1905
G.H. Arrowood
Clerk SC


Transcription notes: transcribed from a hand-written copy of the document on file in the Superior Court of Murray County, Georgia, Deed Book V, page 139. Transcribed by D.K. Pritchett on 09 January 2016.

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