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Deed from The Eton Town Co to S.A. Brown, Murray County, Georgia, Deed Book W, page 203

Deed from The Eton Town Co to S.A. Brown
Murray County, Georgia
Deed Book W, page 203

Deed from The Eton Town Co
To S.A. Brown

State of Georgia, Murray County.

In consideration of the sum of Three hundred Dollars, to us paid The Eton Town Company of the County of Murray and State of Georgia do hereby sell and convey unto S.A. Brown of the County of Murray and State of Georgia, his heirs and assigns, a tract or parcel of land which is described as follows:
Town lots 34, 36 on East sid of Glen St & lots no 49 & 57 on west side of Glenn St & fully described in Eton Town Co plat Lots no 34 & 36 described as follows beginning at South west corner of lot 34 (?)&running* eastward 100 feet to ally thence with ally northward 100 feet to ally thence with ally north way 50 feet thence westward 100 feet to Glen Street thence South ward with Glenn St to beginning point. Lots no 49 & 57 & more fully described beginning at South East corner of Lot no 9 & running westward 100 feet with 4th ave to ally thence with ally northward 50 feet thence eastwards 100 feet to Glenn Street thence Southward with Glenn to beginning point
To Have and to Hold said land and appurtenances unto said S.A. Brown
his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns in fee simple.
& we warrant the title to said lands against the lawful claims of all persons.
In Witness Whereof we have hereunto set our hand and affixed our seal, this the 18th day of Jan, 1909.

Signed, sealed, and delivered in presence of

W.W. Keith N.P. Murray Co Ga
R.H. Tyler
Recorded March 15th, 1909
The Eton Town Co (Seal.)
C.C. Keith Pres (Seal.)
F.D. Gallman, Clerk.



* Logically, this word should be “running,” but there is either a squiggle on the first letter, or probably an ampersand that has been connected to the “r” in running. A straight reading of the word as it looks would be “krinny.”

Transcription notes: transcribed from document, which is a pre-printed form, with details filled out by hand. The clerk’s writing is somewhat compressed, especially on words such as “running” and “beginning”; but, where the word was obvious, I gave clerk the benefit of the doubt on spelling and did not note that it was difficult or illegible. Transcribed by D.K. Pritchett on 25 December 2015.

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