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11 October 1905: Deed of Lands Belonging to J.P. Dunn at His Death

Murray County, Georgia
Deed Record Book X, page 579

Summary: On 11 October 1905, some parcels of land in the Tenth District, Third Section of Murray County, Georgia (land formerly belonging to J.P. Dunn at the time of his death) was granted/sold to W.H. Dunn by: D.C. Bice, S.A. Green, M.E. Noblett, A.L.B. Headrick, and L.P. Dunn. It included 130 acres of land-lot 93 and 70 acres in the NE corner of land lot 94.
[Transcript begins]:

Deed From
D.C. Bice and S.A. Green
Et Al “  “
W.H. Dunn

State of Georgia  }
Murray County    }

This Indenture made this 11th day of october 1905 between M.E. Noblett, S.A. Green, L.P. Dunn, A.L. Headrick & D.C. Bice of the county of Murray of the one part and Dum[*] W.H. Dunn of the county of Murray of the other part. Witnesseth that the said parties of the First part for and in consideration of the sum of Two hundred Dollars to them in hand paid at or before the sealing and delivery of thes presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged has granted bargained and sold aliened convey and confirmed and by thes present do grant bargain sell alien convey and confirm unto the said parties of the second part their heirs and assigns all that tract or parcell of land elisebeth[**] as follows one hundred and thirty acres more or less of lot of land number ninty three in the (10) District & (3) Section of said county the same lying and being on the west side of said lot also Seventy acres more or less in the north East corner of lot number ninty four in the (10) Dist & (3) section of said county the same being the lands owned by J.P. Dunn at the time of his death

To have and to Hold the said bargained premesis with all and Singular the rights, members, and appurtances therto appertaining to the only proper use benefit and behoof of the Said parties of the Second part there heirs executors and administrators and assigns in fee Simple and the parties of the first warrants the title to the said bargained premesis unto the said parties of the second part their heirs, executors and administrators and assigns, against the said parties of the first part theire heirs executors and administrators and against all and every other person or persons, shall and will warrant and forever defend by virture of thes presents In witness whereof the Said parties of the first part has hereunto set their hands affixed their seals and delivered thes presents the day and year first above written

Signed, Sealed and delivered }
in the presence of us               }
attested W.E.C. Green           }
attested M.S. Dunn               }
D.C. Dunn N.P. & J.P.        }
{ D.C. her x mark Bice (seal)
{ S.A. her x mark Green (seal)
{ M.E. her x mark Noblett (seal)
{ A.L.B. Headrick (seal)
{ L.P. Dunn

Recorded December 28 = 1908

            J.D. Gallman clerk s.c.
[End of Transcript]

Transcription Notes:

Transcribed on 17 December 2015 by D.K. Pritchett, from a hand-written copy of the deed as recorded in original superior court records of Murray County, Georgia. 

* "Dum" appears as an extra word here, probably intended as "Dunn," and is unnecessary since the surname is again added after "W.H."

** This word probably should be "described," but does appear to be "elisebeth," and could be an instance of the original clerk misreading a deed instrument.

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