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William Headrick and Sarah Quincey Davis

William Headrick and Sarah Quincey Davis ~ from the files of Southern Muse:

William "Bill" Headrick was born 1 August 1878 in Georgia [son of John and Rhoda (Dunn) Headrick]; died 30 March 1956 in Milledgeville, Baldwin County, Georgia.

Bill married Sarah Quincey Davis on 15 January 1899, in Murray County, Georgia. Sarah was born 10 August 1880 in Georgia. Her mother was Ann Jackson. Her father is not yet known. Bill and Quincey had the following children, all born in Georgia:

One unknown or unnamed child, probably born between 1899 and 1900, who died before 1900 (Quincey is listed in the 1900 census as having one child, deceased); Enoch Chester Headrick, born 01 October 1901, died 17 February 1983 in Murray County, Georgia; Franch Headrick, born 03 May 1904, died October 1974 in Rome, Floyd County, Georgia; Lela Clair Headrick, born 22 November 1906, died 16 April 1977 in Murray County, Georgia; Leona Mae Headrick, born 11 May 1911, died 22 October 1934, in Crandall, Murray, Georgia; and Sudie Headrick, born 17 December 1913, died 23 November 1931 in Murray County, Georgia.

Enoch married Della Mae Willis (born 24 Apr. 1906; died 11 Dec. 1978), and had Edward Samuel Headrick.

Lela Clair Headrick married William Franklin "Bud" Horn on 18 May 1924. Their children were DeEtta Mae Horn (born 06 Nov. 1926; died 23 Dec. 2003); and Marchel Horn (born 01 Aug. 1933; died 10 Dec. 2004)

Leona Mae Headrick married James Walter Robert Pritchett (see previous post, obituary of Mrs. J.W. Pritchett).

Sudie Headrick married Arvil Henry Pritchett (born 30 October 1902; died 07 February 1941 in Murray County, Georgia). They married 12 August 1929 in Murray County, Georgia. Their child: William Stephen Pritchett.

Franch: marriage data not known.

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