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26 September 1840: A.B. Barker Bond to Peter Hedrick, Murray County, Georgia

Murray County, Georgia
Deed Record Book G, Page 455

Summary: In this Lumpkin County, Georgia, deed (filed in Murray County, Georgia), on 26 September 1840, A.B. Barker binds himself unto Peter Hedrick, for a total obligation of $425, under the following condition: A.B. Barker sells land lot 282 in the 8th District, Third Section, of Murray County, Georgia, to Peter Hedrick, receiving from Peter a promissory note for $262.50, due 26 December 1841. If A.B. Barker makes good the title to the land whenever the note is due, then the above obligation of $425 will be null and void; otherwise, it remains in force.

[Transcript begins]:

A. B. Barker }
Bond to      }
Peter Hedrick }

Georgia Lumpkin County } 

Know all men by these presents that I A. B. Barker am held and firmly bound unto Peter Hedrick in the final sum, of four hundred and twenty five dollars for the true payment of which sum to the said Peter Hedrick I bind myself my heirs &c severally & firmly by these presents in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 26th day of September 1840. The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the said A. B. Barker has this day sold unto the said Peter Hedrick one lot of land Number 282 two hundred & eighty two in the eighth district of the third section of originally Cherokee now Murray County for which the said Peter Hedrick has made & executed his promissory note for 262½  two hundred & sixty two & a half dollars due the twenty fifth of December in the year eighteen hundred & forty one if the said A. B. Barker shall make or cause to be made good & sufficient titles to the said lot or parcel of land whenever the said note shall be due & paid then this obligation to be null & void else to remain in full force & virtue in law in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal the day & date above written.

Signed sealed & delivered in presence of

Bozzel Lowrey }
John Hedrick }

February 28th 1841 I assign  }
the within land to William  }
W. Anderson for value receivd }
of him     Peter Hedrick  }

A. B. Barker {seal}

Recorded & certified for the 27th Oct 1848

Robert McCamy Clk

[End of Transcript]

Transcription notes: Transcribed by dkp, 2014, from my photocopy of the deed record on file at Murray County courthouse. “Lumpkin County” in the transcript heading is not an error—it is in the deed record. Apparently the bond was executed in Lumpkin and a copy filed in Murray.

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