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Plemons, Jacob or J. M.: Extract of Reverse Deeds, Murray, Georgia

Jacob or J.M. Plemons

Extract of Index of Reverse Deeds, M-R, in Murray County, Georgia
Covering the Years 1854-1877

(Reverse deeds are indexed by grantee/buyer.)

Specifically searched for the names "Jacob" and "J.M." Plemons and variations of the same surname (Plemon, Plemmons, etc.), no other name searched; a few other individuals are mentioned, but are not extracted in their entirety.

[Columns = Grantor: (Grantee) -- type of instr. - date of instr. - date rec. - Book, page]:


PLEMONS, Jacob & J.M. (from grantor: John Adair) - Deed -  2 Nov 1869 -  -- -- --* - Bk. L, p.511

PLEMONS, Jacob & J.M. (from grantor: John Adair) - Extr -  2 Nov 1869 - 9 June 1870 - Bk. L, p.511

PLEMONS, J.M. (from grantor: E.W. Petty) - Deed - 12 Dec 1896 - 3 March 1897 - Bk. S, p.87

PLEMONS, J.M. (from grantor: B.F. Fouts) - Deed - 4 Dec 1908 - 2 June 1909 - Bk. W, p.219

PLEMONS, J.M. (from grantor: P.S. Knox) - Deed - -- -- --* - 1 Dec 1915 - Bk. W, p.539

*Where the date column is blank (-- -- --) I don't know why--maybe the deed was not officially dated/recorded.

I'm not sure what "Extr" means ~ maybe "extract."  I think M.Deed = Mortgage deed, S.Deed = Security deed, etc.  T.Deed may mean "transfer deed" ~ not sure.

A few other early land deeds (1854-1877) for the surname, Plemons:

The  given name of the Plemons grantee, and who all they purchased land "from":

PLEMONS (grantee):

-----, Thomas (from):  Edmondson; Summerour; Brown; Smith

-----, William W. (from):  Summerour

-----, W.W. (from):  Walker

-----, Thomas (from):  Brown; Smith

-----, William (from):  Adair

-----, John K. (from):  Ramsey (sheriff)

-----, Y.T. (from):  Money

-----, John M. (from):  Thomas PLEMONS

-----, Wm. A. (from):  McDonald

-----, Z.T. (from):  J.K. PLEMONS

-----, William H. (from):  Jacob PLEMONS

-----, Sarah A. and John D. (from):  John K. PLEMONS

-----, Thomas (guardian) (from):  McEntire (extr.*)

-----, W.A. (from):  Morrow; J.D. PLEMONS

-----, John M. (from):  Petty; Wilson.

-----, Harley (from):  Bates

-----, W.H. (from):  L & N Railroad; Z.T. PLEMONS; J.H. PLEMONS

*I don't know what "extr." means--I think it's a type of deed/instrument.

In addition to the ones above, there is a J.H. Plemons who was listed many times as a grantee in the 1900's.  Other Plemonses mentioned in deeds of 1900 era were: B.F.; Cage and Sarah J.; and, Venie (et al).  Many other Plemonses are mentioned in deeds after 1900--not extracted here.

[Note: I didn't distinguish between the variations on the surname, "Plemons."  I didn't get the dates and I recorded only the surname of the grantor; but this may help someone find out whether an ancestor bought land in Murray County].

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