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Obituaries - Extract of Selected Surnames, North Georgia

Brief Extract from Georgia Obituaries
Selected Surnames
This scrap of genealogy is from my extract of a source called Georgia Obituaries 1740-1935 by Jeanette Holland Austin, 1993. My note says “9/14/93 page 47,” but I’m not sure if all extracted names were found on that one page.

Cooper, John, died 1-27-1814 in Alabama. Killed by Indians. Source: The Georgia Journal 2-2-1814, Milledgeville 1835-1836.

Gray, Mattie L., Mrs., died 5-24-1920. Walker Co., Georgia. Born 5-2-1857 at Ascalon. Parent: Wm. Campbell. Spouse: Rev. Lee Gray. Source: WM 11-5-1920
(I failed to note what the WM source code referred to—probably Walker Messenger.)

Petty, Wm., died 5-1864, Paulding Co., Georgia. Born —. Spouse: Cynthia (b.1832).  
Source code: Paulding CWP (Civil War Pensions).
The following all note “CS,” but it’s not clear whether that refers to The Cartersville Sentinel, Cartersville, Georgia (or) The Cassville Standard, Cassville, Georgia.

Bryant, John, died 8-9-1887 at Oxford. Born 1880. CS 8-9-1887.

Petty, Nancy, Mrs., died 1-1-1889 in Newton Co., Georgia.. Born 1802. Spouse: Littleton Petty. CS 1-8-1889.

Petty, Wm. H., died 6-16-1896 in Newton Co., Georgia. Born 1842. Parents: Littleton Petty. CS 6-16-1896.

Petty, Thos. F., died 6-9-1896 in Newton Co., Georgia. Born 2-8-1818. Spouse: Sarah A. Bearry. CS 6-9-1896.

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