Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Humfres: Birth of Willis, Willey, Gladis, and Leonard, from Mary Bond Estate


Estate of Mary Bonds

Murray County, Georgia

(Loose paper, found in a court book):

August 17, 1912

Received of James G. Loughridge, Adms of Mary Bond Estate

$32.38 thirty two Dollars, 38 cts in full of my share and my 4 children -share- of Said Estate there names being

Willis and Willey Humfres Bornd September 26 1901

Gladis Humfres Borned September the 17 1903

Leonard Humfres Borned October the 8 1906

[Signatures and Witnesses]:

G. W. McLain

Hane? Humfres (signed with "x" mark).

M. M. Parker

Witnessed J A Wilkerson

Note: Witness signatures hard to read, not sure of surnames. I do not have the original, just this copy I made. The original was tucked into one of the court books I was searching; I had the clerk make a copy, then returned the original to its place. Sorry, I no longer have my note saying which book this was in; it would be court minutes or estate administration records: receipts or returns, probably.
Surname: Humfres, Humphreys, Humphrey
Administrator: Loughridge

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