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Deaths: Selected Cooper, Bryant, Wigley, Colvin

These birth and death dates reflect two particular families (main lineages). These dates come from different sources, such as tombstones and lists, and may be unproven. Some are proven by death certificate. This is just a partial, short list of my people, used at the time to search for death records.

George Allen Cooper
b. 6 May 1865 Dekalb Co? AL
d. 26 June 1956 at Bryant, Jackson, AL

Fannie Elizabeth Rhoades Cooper
b.19 Nov 1872 Tenn.
d. 21 Apr 1965

Pinkney Marshall Morgan
b. abt 1852
d. 1950 Alabama?

Nancy Jane Cooper Morgan
b. 3 Apr 1869
d. 3 Apr 1960 Bridgeport, Jackson Co, AL

James Clayton Cooper
b.28 Feb 1873
d.6 Dec 1959 Flat Rock, Dade Co, GA

Mary Allen Rhoades Cooper
b. Mar 1879
d. 21 Apr 1965 Ala. or Ga.

Gaines Newton Cooper
b. 15 May 1874
d. 04 Jul 1943 Jackson, Ala.

Judy L.F. "Shug" Wigley Cooper
b. 28 Oct 1881 Jackson, Ala.
d. 26 May 1926 Jackson, Ala.

Isaac Cooper
b.29 Mar 1879 Ala.
d. 18 May 1977 Collinsville, Dekalb, Ala.

Frances Marion Wigley
b. 22 Feb 1883 Ala.
d. 27 Aug 1957

Sarah Elizabeth Cooper Wigley
b. 07 Mar 1881 Ala.
d. 30 Nov 1966 Dekalb Co.?, Alabama

John Franklin Cooper
b.28 June 1883
d. 13 May 1967

Julina "Shug" Francis Caroline Wigley
b. 27 March 1884
d. 04 Dec 1959 Jasper, Marion, Tenn.

Douglas E. Colvin
b.28 May 1882 Tenn.
d. 21 Sep 1936

Lou Della Cooper Colvin
b.30 July 1889
d. 13 July 1974

Peter Cooper
b.9 May 1843 Deerhead Cove, Dade, Ga.
d.23 Mar 1915 Long Island, Jackson, Ala.

Malinda E. Sizemore Cooper
b.28 May 1848 Ga.
d.18 Sep 1938 Long Isl., Jackson, Ala.

Dora L. Berryhill Colvin
b. 22 Oct 1872 Tenn.
d. 14 Dec 1945 Ala.?

Clarancy Cleo Colvin Cooper
b. 22 Oct 1893 Tenn.
d. 23 May 1926 Jackson, Ala.
 --spouse: Isaac Cooper

Claude Colvin
b. 20 nov 1897 Ala.
d. 7 Jan 1925  [unknown, Ala.?]

Thomas J. Colvin
b. 2 Mar 1901 Ala.
d. 7 Jan 1937 Jackson Co. Ala.?

Ellis Colvin
b. abt. 1881
d. between 1920-1930 Jackson, Ala.?
at the ferry between Bridgeport & So. Pittsburg

Mark Colvin
12 July 1878
28 Oct 1951 (Ala.?)

James Jefferson Gray  (Parents: John & Mary Cameron Gray)
b. 9 Mar 1851 Alabama
d. 20 July 1923 Jackson, Ala.

Nancy Jane Howard Gray (Parents: John & Martha Dooley Howard)
b.10 Aug 1856 Ala.
d.10 Feb 1935 Jackson, Ala.

Mary Smith Gray Bryant
b.11 May 1876 Ala
d. 5 Oct 1923 Jackson, Ala.
--spouse: Charles Thurman Bryant
Note: Mary's death cert. was not found by searching this date, but may have found death cert under Mrs. Charley Bryant, of another date. Maybe her tombstone was put up later, with the year being slightly off.

Charles Thurman Bryant
b. 28 Aug 1877 Georgia
d. 17 Dec 1937 Jackson Co., Alabama
(have death cert.)

Charley G. Colvin:
b.26 Mar 1895
d.Apr 1971 Jackson Co, AL?

Kate (White) Colvin
b. 13 Apr 1908;
d. Sep 1984 (Bridgeport, Jackson, AL)
(rel. 35740 - death cert or zip code?)

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