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Battle of Champion Hill: Extract of Our Surnames

Extract of "our" surnames only, Battle of Champion Hill (from website)
Site Name: Battle of Champion Hill
[Note: this battle took place in Mississippi; Bakers Creek bridge, Champion Hill (May 16), and Raymond Mississippi (May 12) were three of the battles that took place in this vicinity in May 1863.]

[Begin search of site]:

Union Dead:
252 Killed In Action; 80 Died of Wounds; 3 Missing and reported dead

Confederate Dead:
152 Killed In Action; 38 Died of Wounds; A list of the Confederate and Union Killed at the Battle of Raymond, May 12, 1863, Battle of Raymond website.

Date of access to website: 31 January 2004
Home page: [Clicked on Confederate Dead; navigated to bottom of home page]:

A list of the Confederate and Union Killed at the Battle of Raymond, May 12, 1863 at the Battle of Raymond website:

[Extract from list of dead Confederates]:

52nd Georgia: (extract):
Burns, H. C., Pvt., Co. D
Carroll, W. A., 2nd Sgt., Co. B
Chastain, John J., Pvt., Co. G
Davis, John, Pvt., Co. H
Freeman, N.M., 1st Sgt., Co. B
Green, Edward, Pvt., Co. I
Green, John F., Pvt., Co. I
Green, John, Pvt., Co. I
McBrayer, Bailey, Pvt., Co. D
Rogers, James. Pvt., Co. B
Wigley, Allen, Pvt., Co. D
Wilson, James, Pvt., Co. G


Battle of Champion Hill - Killed and Wounded:

Confederate Dead:

Note: There are other Georgia regiments listed on the web page, and also other unrelated men within the following regiments, but I extracted only family names (Wigley, Cooper, Murray, etc.)

36th Georgia:
Nations, john, 4th Cpl., Co. G
Pritchard, Marion D., Pvt., Co. F
Wells, Marion M., Pvt., Co. F
Wilson, William E. C., 2nd Lt., Co. F
Woodall, M. E., Pvt., Co. A

43rd Georgia:
Hughes, William T., Pvt., Co. I
Lackey, James M., Pvt., Co. F

57th Georgia:
Murray, Franklin R., 3rd Sgt., Co. E
Rogers, Needham R., Pvt., Co. G
Rogers, Robert, Pvt., Co. G
Rogers, Thomas E., Pvt., Co. G
There's a link to the Battle of Raymond. Search of that site:

Home page: URL:

Name: Raymond Confederate Cemetery (by Rebecca Blackwell Drake)

"The Confederate Cemetery has 140 graves of soldiers mortally wounded in the Battle of Raymond, May 12, 1863. The Civil War soldiers, mostly from Tennessee and Texas, died in private residences around the town that served as hospitals. A few probably died of sickness while stationed in the area or died of wounds from various local skirmishes or nearby battles such as Champion's Hill. Those that were killed outright on the battlefield of Raymond were reported to have been buried where they fell by Union soldiers."

None of ours listed.

Note: These sites were accessed about 2004 and may no longer be extant. The file has gone through about three computer switchovers.

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