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Divorce Petition: Rachel Prince Against William Prince, Lawrence County, Kentucky, 1835

[Extract by another family researcher, now unknown; presented "as is"; please verify by checking court records in Lawence County, Kentucky, if possible.]

Notes: Divorce Petition, Dec. 21, 1835
Lawrence County (?) Circuit Court
Rachel Prince vs. William Prince

     To the honorable Judge of the Lawrence circuit court in chancery now sitting your oratrix Rachel Prince humbly complaining unto your honor that about twenty-five years ago she inter-married with one William Prince her present husband, in the county of Russell, state of Virginia. That they resided many years after their marriage in said county and state and finally about seven or eight years ago they removed to this state and settled in the county of Lawrence. That ever since her marriage with the said Wm. Prince who she prays may be made a defendant to this bill she has conducted herself toward him as a prudent, dutiful and affectionate wife should do until the defendant by his abusive and cruel conduct towards her made it necessary for her to protect herself and then she only resisted his ill-natured command and abuse so far as was necessary to her safety and protection.

     That about six or seven years ago he finally abandoned your oratrix and took up with one Arty Mullens with whom he lives in open acts of adultery and by whom he had two children. She would further represent that the defendant has left her she has purchased and procured about one hundred and twenty-five acres of land and cleared about fifteen acres upon which she settled with eight children and so soon as she was enabled to live from from want and by her and her children's industry able to support themselves the defendant came upon the land with his said woman and built a house thereon and in which he openly lives with said woman as his wife within three hundred yards of the house of your oratrix. That he has assumed authority over and taken possession of your oratrix's farm and stock which stock amounted to about twenty head of hogs, and three head of cattle, and appropriates them to his own and his woman's use. He has also taken from her her only earthly comfort and support in her old age and adversity (her children) and has taken them to the house in which he and his woman lives and placed them under her tuition and (?) (?). He has also advertised to the world not to trade with or credit your oratrix on any account thereby cutting her out of all means of support but the protecting arm of your honorable court and  the law.

     She charges that the title to said land is in the commonwealth your oratrix having the land under treasury warrants of the State of Kentucky and that the defendant has been endeavoring to get the patents issued in his name. The the patents are by contracts of your oratrix to issue in the names James and John Prince the sons of your oratrix and who lived with and assisted your oratrix until the defendant forced them from her. That patent for one hundred acres is to issue to said James Prince and twenty-five to said John Prince the sons of your oratrix.

     All which outings and doing are contrary to equity and the statute in such case made and provided tends to the impoverishment of your oratrix. She prays therefore that your honor would deem that she be divorced from her said husband, Wm. Prince, and that all persons be restrained from issuing a patent to said Wm. Prince or to any person or persons but the above named James and John Prince her said sons and that the said Wm. Prince be restrained and enjoined from any further control of the said farm and stock and from any further interference with your oratrix until the matter and things can be heard by your honor in your honorable court.  And then upon due proof of the several allegations in this bill desire that the said farm be and the said stock be at the disposal of your oratrix for her alimony and maintenance and her children's maintenance and education and desire that the patents issued as above stated.

    Prays that defendant make true and perfect answers to this bill grant (?) (?) and such other and further relief as to equity belongs. Your oratrix in duty bound will ever pray.

Rachel appeared and made an oath to a Justice of the Peace that the matter and things set forth in the bill were true, by her own knowledge. Signed by Walter Osborn, JPLC, Dec. 26, 1835.

January 1836:
William Prince was summoned to appear in court to answer the petition.

April 1836: The case was executed and continued through October 1837 with no evidence that a divorce be granted.

William Prince and Arty (Mullins) Prince in 1850 Census, Georgia

William and Arty Prince in Census, 1850

William Prince and Arta Prince were enumerated twice in census in 1850.


1850 US Census: First Listing for William Prince and family (Wm D Prince, Habersham, Georgia).
[Indexing Data: 1850, Georgia: Habersham, Hall and Hancock counties (NARA Series M432, Roll 72)].
Enumeration date almost illegible: 13? August 1850 (see following page, as more legible)
Habersham County, Georgia, Sheet ??*, Document image no. 9 of 478, Dwelling 25:
(Line no., Name, Age, Sex, Occupation, Birth):
Line 1, Wm D Prince, 66, M, Blacksmith, born NC.
Line 2, Alta Prince, 36, F, , born Virginia.
Line 3, I.H.P. (indexed as J H Prince), 18, M, Farmer, born " (Virginia).
Line 4, N P, 15, M, --, born Kentucky.
Line 5, J F P, 12, --, born " (Kentucky).
Line 6, G P, 11, M, --, born " (Kentucky).
Line 7, W P P, 8, M, --, born " (Kentucky).
Line 8, A H P, 5, M, --, born " (Kentucky).
Line 9, B T P, 4, M, --, born " (Kentucky).

[In the listed names of the children, the terminal "P" apparently stands for prince. This enumerator used initials in almost every listing for his area.]
[Note: In the last line, on the same page, after families, appears a Jos. Prince, aged 48? or 68?, whose apparently lives alone].


1850 US Census: Second Listing for William Prince and family (William Prince, Murray, Georgia).
[Indexing Data: 1850, Georgia: Monroe, Montgomery, Morgan, and Murray counties (NARA Series M432, Roll 78)].
Enumeration date: 8 November 1850.
Murray County, Georgia, Sheet 214*, Document image no. 215 of 299, Dwelling 1465, Family 1465:
(Line no., Name, Age, Sex, Occupation, Birth):
Line 34, William Prince, 65, M, Farmer, born SC.
Line 35, Arty Prince, 38, F, , born Va.
Line 36, Ira Prince, 17, M, "do" (? for "Farmer" ?; separated by one line from William's occupation), born Va.
Line 37, Neri Prince, 15, M, "do" (? for Farmer ?), born Ky.
Line 38, Julina Prince, 13, M, --, born Va.
Line 39, Green Prince, 8, M, --, born Ky.
Line 40, William Prince, 7, M, --, born "do" (Ky).
Line 41, Jackson Prince, 5, M, --, born NC.
Line 42, Brittain Prince, 3, M, --, born "do" (NC).
*Sheet nos. unavailable or ambiguous: illegible on Habersham County image; ambiguous on Murray County listing -- original has 214, but previous and following pages have been overwritten with other numbers and also stamped.

[Abbrev. standards: M - Male; F - Female; " (or) do - ditto; Va - Virginia; KY - Kentucky; NC - North Carolina]

Note the major differences: Initials used in place of names in Habersham County. "Wm D Prince" (of Habersham County listing) appears as "William Prince" in Murray County listing; "Alta" (of Habersham County listing) appears as "Arty" in Murray County listing; A H P or A H Prince (of Habersham County listing) apparently appears as Jackson Prince in Murray County listing.


See court record thought to be related to above individuals:

Rachel Prince: Divorce Petition Against William Prince
Lawrence Co., Kentucky, 1835 (Transcript)

The divorce record references the earlier marriage of the couple in Russell, Virginia, about 1810; and lists as a complaint that William Prince had taken up with a mistress, Arty Mullins (estimated about 1827-1828), and had two children by her.

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Obituary Extract: Vadah Butler Kendrick, 2016, Chatsworth, Murray County, Georgia

Name of Deceased: Vadah Butler Kendrick
Title of Deceased: Ms. 
Age at Death: 90 
Date of Birth: [Friday], 07 May 1926 
Date of Death: Sunday, 22 May 2016
Place of Death: "Chatsworth Healthcare Center"
Place of Death (concluded): Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia 
Hometown (Childhood): ("grew up on the family farm"), Ramhurst, Murray, Georgia 


Co-Founder ("helped to start"): Keropi Carpets; Kendrick Carpets 

Member (Early Years): Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church, Ramhurst, Murray, Georgia 

Member (Later Years): Chatsworth First Baptist, Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia 

Avocation: Basketball (Murray County High School basketball team; note that her father, the local sheriff, was captain of the team); reading (Zane Grey, Louis L'amour, favorite authors); collecting authentic Navajo turquoise jewelry. 

Other: Resided "in the Murray County jail when her father was sheriff."

Father: Jim Butler, deceased (former sheriff of Murray County, Georgia) 

Mother: Maude Butler 

[Transcriber's note: Research shows that James Butler married Maude Whitner (Whitener) on 08 February 1906, Murray County, Georgia (Murray County Marriage Book VI, page 536.].

Other: Preceded in death by "nine brothers and sisters."

Beneficence/Activism: "She supported charities working with third world children, Native American children, and military veterans. As a volunteer with the taxpayer association, she helped many people of lesser means with income and property taxes, often going to their homes to do so as well as advocating on their behalf." 

Travel: "traveled to over 40 states and 20 countries, including three trips to Europe and one to Asia."

Favorite destination: the American west [Transcriber's note/addendum: Census shows that several of her older siblings were born in Texas].

Quote: "In her golden years, Vadah enjoyed riding through the mountains in her red jeep, drinking coffee with friends at the Creme Hut, and doting on her great-grandchildren." [Transcriber's note: Creme Hut is a local casual-dining restaurant in Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia, founded about 1968; still extant in 2017]. 

Relatives Preceding Decedent: Great-Grandson: Robert Loughridge. 

Relatives Surviving Decedent: "four sons and two daughters-in-law, Tommy & Mary Nathan Kendrick, Bruce & Marcia Kendrick, Eric Kendrick, Steve Kendrick; three grandchildren and their spouses, Lisa & Steve Loughridge, Alan & Kelli Kendrick, Tonia Kendrick; and four great-grandchildren, Sarah and Michael Loughridge, Thomas and John Alan Kendrick; and nieces and nephews." 

Funeral Services: Tuesday, 24 May 2016 (1:00 p.m., chapel of Peeples Funeral Home)

Officiator: Rev. George Ross

Interment: [24 May 2016], Ramsey Cemetery, Ramhurst, Murray, Georgia 

Visitation (at the funeral home): Monday [23 May 2016], 5 pm - 9 pm; Tuesday [24 May 2016], 11 am - 1 pm. 

Donation Request: Alzheimer’s Association, 922 E Morris St, Dalton, [Whitfield], Georgia, "or to a local charity." 

Mortician/Funeral Home: Peeples Funeral Home (and) Crematory, Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia. 

Address of Funeral Home: Peeples Funeral Home, Inc., 208 S 3rd Ave, Chatsworth, Georgia 30705. 

Obituary URL: http://www.peeplesfuneralhome.net/home/index.cfm/obituaries/view/fh_id/11988/id/3728684 (accessed 07 November 2017).

Extract by (transcriber): Deborah K. Pritchett, Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia 

[Also Published: FamilySearch.org, person ID of Vadah (Butler) Kendrick, 07 November 2017].

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William H. Teasley and Daniel Irwin Nix (Cousins) - Whitfield County, Georgia


Will Teasley, William H. Teasley 
Daniel Irwin Nix

Will Teasley mentioned in "Five Springs" column, |North Georgia Citizen| (Dalton, Whitfield, Georgia), Dec. 6, 1900, pg. 4: "Mr. Will Teasley, who is attending Prof. McLelland's school at Dalton, visited D. I. Nix and family last Sunday." [Note: D. I. Nix is probably his older cousin, Daniel Irvin Nix.]

Will Teasley (social mention)


William H. Teasley (born August 1883, Georgia), son of Isham and Mary Eleanor (Green) Teasley. D.I. Nix would be his cousin, son of his mother's sister. See relationship, below.


Mary Eleanor Green's sister was Martha Ann (Green) Nix, born 1839, Cherokee Co., Georgia; died 25 March 1921, Whitfield Co., Georgia. Martha's son was Daniel Irwin Nix, born September 1858, Georgia; died 22 Dec. 1938, Fulton Co., Georgia.

Agnes Ellen Harris (Brief Biography)

Agnes Ellen Harris, a native of Cedartown, Georgia, became a pioneer in the field of women's education. Harris graduated from Georgia Women's College, obtained her teaching certificate, and then attended Oread Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts. From there, she returned to her home state of Georgia, where she taught Home Economics for five years. She was a Charter Member of the American Home Economics Association, organized in 1908. She would later serve as national vice-president of that organization. She continued to further her own education, obtaining her Bachelor of Science degree at Columbia University in 1910. She later moved to Florida, where she continued to work in forefront of home-economics education. In a 1917 report, she was mentioned as President of the Florida Educational Association and as Dean of the School of Home Economics in Tallahassee. She was also a State Agent for Home Demonstration Work, teaching rural women about nutrition, canning, and selling produce. As part of her state work, she organized "Tomato Clubs," which later grew into Florida's 4-H club for girls. In 1919 she moved to Texas for a year, but returned in 1920, settling in Washington, D.C. There, she worked as a Field Agent for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, while completing her Master of Arts Degree at Columbia. Upon accepting a new position as Dean of Women at Auburn University in 1922, she moved to Alabama. She remained at Auburn until 1927, when she became Dean of Women at the University of Alabama. During her tenure there, she received an honorary doctorate from the University of Alabama, and became head of the Home Economics Department. Harris died in Tuscaloosa in 1952. She was posthumously inducted into the Alabama Women's Hall of Fame in 1972.