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Obituary of Georgia Lowther, Daughter of B. F. Lowther - May 1907, Cedartown, Polk, Georgia

Obituary of Georgia Lowther

Publication: Cedartown Standard
Place of Publication: Cedartown, Polk, Georgia
Date of Publication: 30 May 1907
Page: 3; Column 3
Title of Obituary: "A Sad and Sudden Death."
Library/Database: GALILEO (GeorgiA LIbrary LEarning Online)

Name of Deceased: Georgia Lowther

Title of Deceased: Miss

Residence: Cedartown, (Polk), Georgia

Date of Death: "last Thursday night" (est. 23 March 1907).

Place of Death: (not stated; concluded): Cedartown, Polk, Georgia

Date of Burial: (not stated; surviving family members accompanied her remains to Maryland

Place of Burial: Baltimore, Maryland

Brief Prayer (in lieu of funeral, locally): by Rev. H. M. Quillian, her pastor

Funeral Service: brief prayer in Cedartown, Georgia; possibly also memorialized in Maryland (date not stated).

Cause of Death: (not stated)

Duration of Illness: "several days"

Other: "...a trained nurse had been brought in from Atlanta the evening before her death."

Date of Birth: (not stated; she was young)

Place of Birth: (not stated; probably Maryland)

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Lowther (surviving)

Brother: Frank Lowther (surviving)

Place of Funeral (concluded): Maryland

Other: Body accompanied by family to Maryland

Church Affiliation (member of): Methodist Church

Graduated from: (Cedartown) public schools

Remarks/Praise: "as sweet of character as she was fair of face"; "a young lady of exceptional talent and literary taste"

Extract by: D.K. Pritchett, 28 March 2017; also published on FamilySearch.org

Full Citation: Obituary of Georgia Lowther, "A Sad and Sudden Death," |Cedartown Standard|, Cedartown, Polk, Georgia, Thurs., 30 May 1907, pg. 3 (via GALILEO). http://dlg.galileo.usg.edu/ngnewspapers/id:csn1907-0187 (accessed 28 March 2017).

Related: Find A Grave: Memorial no. 101731821: Georgia Lowther. Birth: October 1, 1878, per memorial; tombstone has October 1, 1879 (from photo). Death: May 24, 1907. Burial: Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Eldersburg, Carroll, Maryland, United States of America. Note that the death date on the stone is one day off from the estimated death date, which was calculated from the given day (Thurs., May 23, a week previous to the date of the obituary, Thurs., May 30, 1907). Calendar used for calculation in the above extract: U.S. Calendar for 1907, Time and Date website, timeanddate.com , https://www.timeanddate.com/calendar/?year=1907 (accessed 28 March 2017).

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Obituary of Mrs. A. M. Richardson, 1910, Whitfield County, Georgia (a.k.a. Amanda Lynch Richardson)

Subject: Obituary of Mrs. A. M. Richardson
Library/Database: GALILEO (GeorgiA LIbrary LEarning Online)
Publication: The Dalton Citizen (indexed as "North Georgia Citizen")
Place of Publication: Dalton, Whitfield, Georgia
Date of Publication: Thursday, 26 May 1910
Page/Column: Pg. 8, Col. 3
Title of Article: "Mrs. A. M. Richardson Died Near Waring"
Subtitle: "Was Highly Respected Old Lady--Mother of Mrs. B. R. Bowen."
Extract by: D.K. Pritchett, 26 March 2017

Name: Mrs. A. M. Richardson
Age: 85
Year of Birth: est. 1825
Place of Birth: Greenville, North Carolina
Date of Death: (not stated) "last Wedneday afternoon"
Est. Date of Death: 18 May 1910
Place of Death (not stated) "just above here"
Concluded Place of Death: Whitfield County, Georgia
Duration of Illness: "several weeks"
Funeral: "Thursday" (est. 19 May 1910)
Officiator: Rev. Mr. Lyons
Interment: Grove Level (concl., cemetery, Whitfield, Georgia)
Notable: "large crowd present at the funeral"
Place of Residence: Waring (settlement/community), Whitfield, Georgia
Length of Residence in county: 60 years
Moved to Georgia: "when about 15 years of age" (est. 1840)
Surviving Children:
   (1) Mrs. B. R. Bowen, "of this city" (Dalton?, Whitfield, Georgia)
   (2) Mr. B. L. Richardson, "of this county" (Whitfield, Georgia)
   (3) Mr. G. M. Richardson, "of this county" (Whitfield, Georgia)
   (4) Mr. William Richardson, of Texas


Extract also published on Family Search (FamilySearch.org), on the person ID page of Amanda (Lynch) Richardson - current ID, KCB2-F1C.

"Mrs. A. M. Richardson Died Near Waring," in |The Dalton Citizen| (indexed as "North Georgia Citizen," Dalton, Whitfield, Georgia), May 26, 1910 -- page 8 (via GALILEO). http://dlg.galileo.usg.edu/ngnewspapers/id:ngc1910-0166 (accessed 26 March 2017).



Find A Grave Memorial no.: 100865412
Amanda M "Mandy" Richardson
Maiden Surname: Lynch
Born: 18 Dec. 1825
Died: 18 May 1910
Burial: Grove Level Cemetery
County: Whitfield, Georgia
URL: https://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=100865412
Access Date: 26 March 2017

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Benjamin Mullinax, Executor: Estate of William Caler, dec'd (May 1858); admin. later revoked

May 1858: Benjamin Mullinax is appointed executor of the estate of William Caler, deceased; the administration is revoked in August (reason not stated).

Murray County Inferior Court: Administration Docket, 1834-1880, May term, 1858: Letters granted.

Benjamin Mullinax is appointed executor of the estate of William Caler, deceased. [Note that in the August term of 1858, the administration was revoked. ]
Murray Co., Ga., Court of Ordinary, Temp. & Permanent Letters of Administrator's & Guardians (1856-1871), p.21-22, Bery* J. Mullinax is appointed as administrator of William Caylor's will, with George Caylor and Eli Caylor as security.

*Probably "Beny" or "Benj," but I had extracted it as "Bery." The old handwriting can be difficult.

Research Note: William Caylor (born 1810-1812; died 1857-1858?); married Rhoda Jane Dunn. Benjamin Mullinax would be William Caylor's son-in-law. Benjamin married William's daughter, Mary Caylor.

[I previously published this note on Family Search, under the various individuals mentioned in the documents].


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Anna Lydia "Birdie" Quillian: Brief Biography

Biography of Anna Lydia "Birdie" Quillian

Anna Lydia Quillian, called "Birdie," was the daughter of Lewis Wagner and Eliza (Hutchinson) Quillian. Birdie was born in Dahlonega, Lumpkin County, Georgia, on September 1, 1865. She and her family moved to Dalton, Georgia, early on. Birdie never married. She belonged to the Methodist Church and was a faithful servant of Christ. In mid life, she cared for an orphan child, Ruth, from the Decatur Orphan's Home. She remained in Whitfield County for the rest of her life, dying at the age of forty-nine, after suffering from a long illness. Her obituary refers to the cemetery of burial as "Forest Hill," which may be a historic name for the Quillian Cemetery. Her obituary, written by a friend and entitled "In Memoriam," appears in The Dalton Citizen, on page 9 of the September 24th edition, 1914. May she rest in peace.

Written by: D. K. Pritchett, from various sources. Also submitted to Find A Grave for the memorial page of Anna Lydia Quillian.

The Dalton Citizen is indexed as North Georgia Citizen, and is currently available on-line through Galileo (GeorgiA LIbrary LEarning Online).

Obituary of Anna L. Quillian

Extract of Obituary of Anna L. Quillian

Obituary of Anna L. "Birdie" Quillian, The Dalton Citizen news (1914)

Obituary of Anna L. (Birdie) Quillian 

Extracted Details:

Library/Database: GALILEO (GeorgiA LIbrary LEarning Online)
Newspaper: North Georgia Citizen
Place of Publication: Dalton, Whitfield, Georgia
Date of Publication: Thurs., 24 September 1914
Page: 9. Column: 4
Title: "In Memoriam"
Author: "A Friend"
Mode: Searchable Database with Document Images
Name of Deceased: Anna L. Quillian
Maiden Surname: Quillian*
Nickname: Birdie*
Age of Deceased: (not stated; est. 49)
Date of Death: 9 September 1914
Cause of Death: (not stated)
Duration/Description of Illness: "protracted," "terrible suffering"
Date of Birth: 1 September 1865
Place of Birth: Dahlonega [Lumpkin], Georgia
Residence: Whitfield County, Georgia
Length of Stay: "nearly all of her life"
Religious Affiliation: Christian
Denomination/Church: Methodist
Ward (cared for): "little orphan, Ruth, from the Decatur Orphan's home"
Funeral Services: (date, location, not stated)
Minister/Officiators: Rev. J. T. Richardson; Rev. E. M. Stanton
Burial/Cemetery: Forest Hill**
Extract By: D. K. Pritchett, 27 Feb. 2017, from doc. image

Transcription Notes and Related Research (Other Sources):

*My first conclusion, because of the parentheses, was that "Birdie" (or Byrd) might be the maiden surname. However, a separate source (US Census, 1880) shows Anna L. Quillian, single, daughter of L W and Eliza Quillian. [Source]: US Census, 1880, Family Search database, FamilySearch.org, index and images, document image, East Dalton, Whitfield County, Georgia, Page 24, Sheet B, Dwelling 210, Family 215, Household of L W Quillian, Line 23: Anna L. Quillian, female, single, daughter. Birth: (est. 1866), Georgia. Occupation: Going to School. [Citation]: Georgia: Washington (cont'd: E.D. 127, sheet 23-end), Wayne, Webster, White, and Whitfield Counties (NARA Series T9, Roll 171).

**Not found on Find A Grave. See instead, Quillian Cemetery, Dalton, Whitfield, Georgia: Birdie Quillian, Find A Grave Memorial no. 37617556. On Find A Grave, the location of the cemetery is described as being "off Dawnville Road a bit past Brooker Farm Road, Dalton, Whitfield County, Georgia, USA." The summary describes an obscure cemetery, "in the trees behind a house," which had fallen into neglect at one time.

[Source Citation]: "In Memoriam" [Obituary of Anna L. (Birdie) Quillian, North Georgia Citizen ["The Dalton Citizen," Dalton, Whitfield, Georgia], 24 Sep. 1914, pg. 9 (via GALILEO). http://dlg.galileo.usg.edu/ngnewspapers/id:ngc1914-0341 (accessed 27 Feb. 2017).