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Obituary of B. F. Lowther (Cedartown, Polk, Georgia), 1918 - formerly of Baltimore, Maryland (Benjamin Franklin Lowther)

Obituary of Mr. B. F. Lowther

Publication: Cedartown Standard 
Place of Publication: Cedartown, Polk, Georgia, U.S.A.
Date of Publication: Thursday, 31 January 1918
Page: 3
Title of Article: "Death of a Sterling Citizen"
Media: Newspaper
Library/Database: GALILEO (GeorgiA LIbrary LEarning Online)
Website: Galileo
Home Page:
Access Date: 23 Feb. 2017
31 Jan. 1918, pg. 3
Subject: Obituary

Name: B. F. Lowther (1)  
Gender: Male (implied, "Mr.")
Age: 72 "last November" (1917)
Birth: November (est. 1845)
Date of Death: "during the night" (date not stated; before  January 1918, concluded)
Cause of Death: Pneumonia
Place of Death: not stated [in/near Cedartown, Polk, Georgia, concluded]
Place of Birth: near Baltimore [Maryland, U.S.A., concluded]
Place of Residence: "here" [Cedartown, Polk, Georgia, concluded]
Moved: "twenty-seven years ago" (est. 1891)
Previous Residence (before 1891): Garrett [Dekalb], Indiana
Wife (surviving): Mrs. Lowther (previously Miss Kate Backer, (2) of Baltimore)
Marriage: "Forty years ago" (est. 1878)
Surviving Son: Mr. Frank Lowther (3) (Chattanooga)
Preceding in Death: "another son and daughter…several years ago"
First Occupation: Office Boy, B. & O. [Railroad]
Occupation (before 1891): Master Mechanic, I. B. & Q. (4) [Railroad]
Occupation (as of 1891): Superintendent, East & West Railroad
Occupation (sometime after 1891): Proprietor, Cedartown Ice Company (5)

Church Affiliation: First Methodist church [of Cedartown, Polk, Georgia, concluded, probable]
Membership: Missionary Committee (of First Methodist church)
Funeral Services: "Saturday" [apparently 26 January 1918, as preceding publication of obituary on Thurs., 31 January]
Place of Funeral: "at the residence" [Cedartown, Polk, Georgia, concluded]
Officiator/Minister: Rev. W. T. Hunnicutt
Burial [after 26 January 1918]: "at his boyhood home near Baltimore"


(1) B. F. Lowther (the deceased), born November 1846, appears in the US Census, 1900, as "Benjamin F Lowther" (Cedartown town, Polk, Georgia, U.S.); he is usually listed in genealogies as Benjamin Franklin Lowther, born 8 November 1846, in Maryland.

(2) Kate Backer (also known as Catherine A. Backer, Kate Becker or Katie A. Baker): Ref., Katie A. Baker married B. F. Lowther, 14 Oct 1878, , Carroll, Maryland, as listed in "Maryland Marriages, 1666-1970," ( No image available with index.

(3) Mr. Frank Lowther, born July 1881, appears in the US Census, 1900, as "Benjamine F Lowther Jr." (Cedartown town, Polk, Georgia, U.S.); and in "United States World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918" ( as "Benjamin Franklin Lowther," born 28 July 1881. Other places of residence, besides Cedartown, Polk, Georgia, and Chattanooga, Hamilton, Tennessee (per external research): Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio (1904); and Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky (1911). His wife is Pearl Beatrice Owens.

(4) No reference found for “I. B. & Q." It could be a typo for C.B. & Q. (Chicago, Burlington & Quincy, operating in Illinois and Iowa); or that railroad may have been called the Illinois/Iowa B. & Q. at some time in its history.

(5) (Later, referring to the East & West Railroad), “When this road passed into the hands of the Seaboard, he went into business here, organizing the Cedartown Ice Co. and later adding a coal department.”


Transcribed by D. K. Pritchett on 23 February 2017; also to be published on, under Person I.D. of Benjamin Franklin Lowther.

Full Citation: Obituary of Mr. B. F. Lowther, "Death of a Sterling Citizen," |Cedartown Standard| (Cedartown, Polk, Georgia), 31 Jan. 1918, pg. 3 (via Galileo). (accessed 23 Feb. 2017).

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Link to Video: Old Confederate Veterans Giving the Rebel Yell

Alabama Pioneers, an LDS genealogy blog, had this wonderful video of old Confederate Veterans giving the Rebel yell. I hope the link to the blog page is permanent!

Alabama Pioneers: Blog Post with Vintage Video of Authentic Rebel Yell

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William Stephen Pritchett (Bill Pritchett), of Crandall, Georgia - Biography

William Stephen "Bill" Pritchett was born April 13, 1930, in Crandall, Murray, Georgia. His parents were Arvil Henry Pritchett (son of Stephen T. and Alice Murray Pritchett) and Sudie Headrick (daughter of William "Bill" and Sarah Quincy Davis Headrick). Bill was an only child. His mother died of tuberculosis on December 17, 1913, when Bill was just a baby. Sudie's sister, Leona, married Arvil Pritchett's brother, James Walter, so she was Bill's aunt twice over. Leona was also to die of tuberculosis, just three years after her sister died. Like many men in Murray County, Bill's father was a farmer, and saw hard times during the Great Depression. At times, the family share-cropped, moving from farm to farm as the crops came in. Arvil Pritchett died in 1941, when Bill was ten years old, going on eleven. Bill lived with his grandparents, Stephen and Alice (Murray) Pritchett, for a time. Steve and Alice were kind-hearted people, and took in several of their grandchildren. Steve was a Kansas-born man, whose parents had moved from the North Georgia mountains to the midwest after the Civil War, but soon moved back to the mountains. In spite of the tragedy in his childhood, Bill had a positive outlook on life. He was a good story teller with a wonderful, hearty laugh. He was a truck driver. On days off, he liked to go fishing. He married Louise Harris, daughter of Thomas Rufus Harris and Sybil Frances Pullen (a Murray County couple, who had married there on May 25, 1931). Louise was born April 18, 1933, in the Temple Grove community of Murray County, Georgia, where she and her husband settled, raised a family, and lived until her death on May 24, 2009. The couple had three children, Sudie, Judy, and Timothy Pritchett. Bill was a good friend to his older cousin, Fred Thomas Pritchett, of Crandall, whose father, Willie Lee Pritchett, was a brother of Bill's father, Arvil. Fred and Bill were first cousins on the Pritchett side, and were third cousins on the Headrick side. Fred's father died when Fred was fifteen. Fred's mother was Esther (Headrick) Pritchett, daughter of William Abraham Lincoln Headrick. W.A.L. Headrick's father, William Matthew Headrick, was the brother of John Scott Headrick, Bill's great-grandfather. Bill Pritchett died in Dalton, Whitfield County, Georgia, on Friday, February 10, 2017.

Obituary of William Stephen Pritchett (Bill Pritchett) of Crandall, Murray, Georgia (2017)

Obituary of William S. Pritchett (Bill Pritchett)

Media/Newspaper: The Daily Citizen
Place of Business: not stated [known, Dalton, Whitfield, Georgia]
Publication Date: 10 February 2017
Subject: Obituary of William S. Pritchett
Heading 1: William S. Pritchett
Heading 2: William's Story

Title/Name of Deceased: Mr. William S. Pritchett
Gender: not stated
Nickname: Bill
Age: 86
Birth: not stated (est. 1931)
Date of Death: 10 February 2017
Place of Death: "Hamilton Medical Center" (locale not stated)
Place of Death (concluded): Dalton, Whitfield, Georgia

Preceded in death by:
Louise Harris Pritchett (wife)
Charles Lents (son-in-law)

Survived by:

Children and their spouses (of Chatsworth, Georgia):
Sudie Lents
Judy and Bruce Coulter
Tim and Lisa Pritchett

Grandchildren and spouses:

Shannon and Mark Lance
Traci and Scott Bishop
Staci and Kenny Walraven
Brandi Coulter
Lee and Jamie Coulter
Marcus Pritchett
Macy Pritchett

Great Grandchildren (and spouses, apparent):

Noah and Micah Bishop
Ella Lance
Kayla Maddox
India Langford
Cole Maddox
Adain Coulter
Averi Walraven
Eli Walraven
Evan Coulter
Callie Walraven
Kayleigh Swinney

Special Friend: Rachel Stafford (Crandall, Georgia)

Funeral: Sunday (11 February 2017) at 4 p.m.
Funeral: Shawn Chapman Funeral Home
Location: not stated (known: Chatsworth, Murray, Georgia)
Officiators: Billy Willis, Lee Coulter
Interment: Murray Memorial Gardens
Morticians: Shawn Chapel Funeral Home, Crematory and Monuments

Remarks: one known error; once refers to deceased (possessively) as "her" instead of "his."


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Edgar L. Henderson Elected President, Group 3, Georgia Bankers Association (1911)

Library/Database: GALILEO (GeorgiA LIbrary LEarning Online)
Newspaper: Cedartown Standard
Place of Publication: Cedartown, Polk, Georgia
Date of Publication: 4 May 1911
Page 1, Columns 3-4
Title of Article: "Cedartown Young Man"
Subtitle 1: "Highly Honored by His Brother Bankers."
Subtitle 2: "Cashier E. L. Henderson, of the Commercial Bank, Made President of Group Three."
Other: Photo and Caption

Name: Edgar L. Henderson (E. L. Henderson)
Residence: Cedartown, Polk, Georgia
Occupation: Cashier, Commercial Bank
Organization: Georgia Bankers Association
Event: Election as President, Group 3
Place of Election (Meeting Held): Cartersville, Georgia
Date of Election/Meeting: "last week Wednesday" [est. 26 April 1911]
Past Positions Held in Organization: Secretary (since 1909)
Noted: Youngest man to hold position.

(Other officers are listed in article.)

[Full Citation]: "Cedartown Young Man" [article w/photo: Edgar L. Henderson], in |Cedartown Standard| [Cedartown, Polk, Georgia], 4 May 1911, pg. 1 (via GALILEO). (accessed 29 Jan. 2017).