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Headrick, Hughes, and Gentry Kin in an Appalachian Folk Song Project

I had some old notes from Mrs. Amanda Winkler (Headrick-Young researcher) among my genealogy scraps about a 1938-1939 folk-song project, in which some of the descendants of Mary "Polly" (Rice) Headrick took part. She had taken some notes from the research of the teacher who had been involved in the project. The teacher mentioned the Headrick-Young kin as part of an old folk-song project. The Headrick granddaughter and several great-granddaughters were mentioned as rich sources for old Appalachian songs and ballads they had learned from their parents and grandmother. Winkler quoted the teacher as saying,
"They learned the songs as small children sitting on their father's knee or seated on a stool at the feet of their grandmother or great-grandmother, watching them weave. I have never heard anything like the wealth of old songs stored in their memory, and the amazing thing is that they are all right at their tongue's end, ready to be sung. It is by them more than any other family, that I have been able to see how the songs are handed down through the years by oral transmission."
I'm sorry that I can't give more specifics about the source. This was just something another researcher sent me by email, and didn't share the name of the teacher or the circumstances--whether she had read this old material in an archives, or had attended a lecture, or what.

According to Winkler's email to me, the teacher had not specifically mentioned by name the great-grandmother (Polly), grandmother (Martha "Moffie" Jane), or mother (Georgia Ann), but did mention Georgia’s daughters and granddaughters by name--among them, daughters, Rosa Hughes, Ethel Welch, Exona Hughes, and Mollie Green; and granddaughters, Pearl Green Gentry and Ella Hughes.

Mrs. Winkler’s note to me said that the teacher had called the family (Headrick-Young-Green) a rich source of songs and ballads, and said that the women sang the songs. (So, I infer that the teacher listened to their versions of the ballads and wrote down the lyrics).

I decided to do a search on some of these family names in connection to Appalachian music, and was able to find a nice reference on a website. The site just gives a long list of cataloged song titles. Unfortunately, it doesn't cite any recordings, though the women did actually sing songs during the project. But the list does give the titles for which the women contributed text versions of the old songs. Possibly, their text versions might be found in some library archives--that would be nice!
The website cites a 1946 article which lists the titles and the names of contributors:
"A Check List of the Titles of Tennessee Folksongs," by Edwin C. Kirkland. The Journal of American Folklore, Vol. 59, No. 234 (Oct. - Dec., 1946), pp. 423-476.
Edwin C. Kirkland was with the University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. 
Bluegrass Messengers

To understand the list on that website:

The researcher apparently collected as many versions he could of all the Appalachian songs he could find, so there are sometimes several contributors of the same song--in other words, the same song was perhaps handed down orally in several different versions, with differences in text or music, and the researcher collected each different version. In some cases, he has only the text. In others, he has the text and/or a recording. For the Headrick descendants, he only cites text versions.

You may find other songs or family members mentioned in the list. It's a pretty long list. haven't had time to really give it a complete going-over.

I believe this probably would have been part of the 1937-1938 Federal Music Project (FMP), one of the "New Deal" projects of the Great Depression era. Sure wish they had recordings of our kinfolk!

Pearl Green Gentry, of Sale Creek, and Mrs. Rosa Hughes, of Flat Top, were listed as two contributors of text versions of "Gypsie Laddie" to the project.

Pearl Green Gentry also contributed a text version of "Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard," "Pretty Cold Rain," and "A Pretty Fair Maiden."

I was able to find a solo, a cappella, folk version of the ballad, Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard, as sung by Jean Ritchie. It is really long. (The audio file is about halfway down the following webpage): Matty Groves, Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard

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Obituary of W. C. Bearden, of Rocky Face, Whitfield, Georgia and Chattanooga, Hamilton, Tennessee, 1911

Subject: Obituary of W. C. Bearden 

Contributor of this extract: Deborah K. Pritchett (Family Search contributor)

Database/Library: GeorgiA LIbrary LEarning Online (GALILEO)

Publication Title (Newspaper): North Georgia Citizen
Day and Date of Publication: Thursday, 31 Aug 1911
Place of Publication: Dalton, Whitfield, Georgia, U.S. 
Page 2
Title of Column: "Mortuary"
Title of Obituary: "W. C. Bearden."

Access Date: 04 Oct 2018
Source URL:


Name of Deceased: W. C. Bearden
Age: 43
Birth Year (estimated): about 1868 
Date of Death: Wed., 23 Aug 1911

Place of Death: Erlanger Hospital, Chattanooga, (Hamilton, Tennessee)

Residence: Not stated; probably Chattanooga, Hamilton, Tennessee

Previous Residence: Rocky Face, (Whitfield, Georgia)

Occupation: Yard conductor, N., C. & St. L. railroad

First Funeral Location: "residence of J. B. Whitener" (thought to be in Chattanooga, but not stated)

[Note: specifics on this first funeral were not given, but since they were mentioned before the fact of removal, and were preached by a Chattanooga minister, then this funeral probably took place on Thursday, 24 August, and probably in Chattanooga.]

First Funeral, Officiator: Rev. Allen Fort, pastor, Second Baptist church (of) Chattanooga, (Hamilton, Tennessee)

Religious Affiliation of Deceased (concluded as Christian, Baptist, Protestant)

Church Membership of Deceased: Second Baptist Church, Chattanooga, (Hamilton, Tennessee) 

Removal (Chattanooga, Hamilton, Tennessee, to Rocky Face, Whitfield, Georgia)

Date of Removal: Thurs., 24 Aug 1911

Second Funeral Date: Friday, 25 Aug 1911

Second Funeral Location: [not specified; probably occurred in Rocky Face, Whitfield, Georgia]

Second Funeral Officiator: Rev. Mr. Hudlow, pastor

Date of Burial: Friday, (25 Aug 1911)

Place of Burial: "nearby churchyard" (concluded as Rocky Face, Whitfield, Georgia)


Wife (not named)

Two Children:

   Jesse B. and Essie Mae (concluded as Bearden)

Two Brothers:

   Mr. J. D. Bearden, Tunnel Hill, (Whitfield, Georgia)
   G. W. Bearden, Missouri

Two Sisters:

   Mrs. Sarah Sanson, Rocky Face, (Whitfield, Georgia)
   Mrs. Josie Lynch, Rocky Face, (Whitfield, Georgia)


[Citation]: Deborah K. Pritchett (Family Search contributor), Obituary Extract, "W. C. Bearden" in "Mortuary," /North Georgia Citizen/ (Dalton, Whitfield, Georgia), 31 Aug 1911, page 2 (via GALILEO). (accessed 04 Oct 2018).

[Note: An unrelated obituary for another Bearden appears just under this one: Lilly Bearden, of Rocky Face, eight-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vince Bearden.]

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Obituary Extract: Obituary of Jerry McPherson (1953-2009). Died in Polk County, Tennessee, 2009.

Obituary for Jerry Mcpherson
Name (Mr.): Jerry Herman McPherson.

Age at Death: 56 years

Residence: Turtletown, (Polk), Tennessee

Date of Death: 7 September 2009

Place of Death: "at his home" (concluded, Turtletown, Polk, Tennessee)

Date of Birth: 22 May 1953

Place of Birth: Polk County, Tennessee

Father (deceased): Erman McPherson

Mother: Marie (Hedrick) McPherson

Survivors include: sons, Scotty Hughes of Turtletown, Mitchell Hughes of Murphy, Paul Wooten of Turtletown, Matthew Wooten of Spruce Pine, NC, Chad Wooten of Farner, Shawn Brown of Blairsville, Daughters, Brandie (David) Adcock, Misty (Keith) Strickland of Dawnsonville, Shannon Brown of Blairsville, brothers, Gary McPherson of Dalton and Keith McPherson of Cherokee County, NC, and twelve grandchildren.

Funeral Services: Tuesday, 8 September 2009, 2:00 PM

Place of Service: Finch-Cochran Funeral Home Chapel

Pallbearers: Chad Wooten, Shawn Brown, Damon Burk, Dennis Trentham, Mark Smith and Mitchell Hughes.

Honarary Pallbearers: Damon Burk, Dennis Trentham, Mark Smith, Mitchell Hughes, David Adcock, Ronnie Smith, Jeremy Smith, Chris Trentham, Jimmy Trentham and Dennis Trentham, Jr.

Burial (to follow): Elrod Cemetery

Date of Burial (concluded): Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Visitation (concluded): Tuesday, 8 September 2009, 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Place of Visitation: Finch-Cochran Funeral Home

Address of Funeral Home (concluded from site information): 1478 Blue Ridge Dr. Blue Ridge, Ga. 30513


Access Date: 01 October 2018

Contributor of this Extract: Deborah K. Pritchett, Family Search contributor

Funeral Home Contact Information (current 2018):
1478 Blue Ridge Dr. Blue Ridge, Ga. 30513
Mailing Address P.O. Box 39
McCaysville, GA 30555
Telephone: (706) 492-3321
Fax: (706) 492-3374

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Downs Henry of Flintstone, Walker County, Georgia (Obituary Extract, 2005)

Subject: Obituary of Downs Henry

Publication Date: 18 May 2005

Publication Source: The Chattanoogan (

Publication/Website Section: Obituaries

Subtitle: "Charter Member and Elder of Chattanooga Valley Presbyterian Church"

Age of Deceased: 80
Date of Death: Sunday, 15 May 2005
Residence: Flintstone, (Walker), Georgia
Length of Stay in Flintstone: "lifelong"
Religious Affiliation/Membership: Chattanooga Valley Presbyterian Church
 -Charter Member (of Chattanooga Valley Presbyterian Church)
 -Church Elder
 -Sunday School Teacher (former)
 -Choir Director

 -Veteran of World War II
 -Captain, US Army Corps
 -Pilot of B-15 Flying Fortress
 -Served in European Theater
 -Member and Officer, VFW Post 3679
 -Member and Officer, American Legion Post 40
 -Member and Officer, Chattanooga Valley Lions Club

Preceded in Death by: Bishop Horton Henry (son)

Survived by:

 -Juanita Henry, Flintstone, (Walker), Georgia (wife, 58 years; marriage est. 1947)

 -Pat Henry, Dalton, (Whitfield), Georgia (son, and daughter-in-law, Prissy Henry)

 -Edward Henry, Chickamauga, (Walker), Georgia (son, and daughter-in-law, Lynda Henry)

 -Hayden Henry, Ardmore, (), Oklahoma (son, and daughter-in-law, Lisa Henry)

 -Judy Long, Chattanooga, (Hamilton), Tennessee (daughter)

 -Charlene Bryant, San Antonio, (), Texas (daughter, and son-in-law Byron Bryant)

 -Grandchildren (14): Michelle Ingram; Scott Long; Tara Robinson; Kevin, Eric, and Amy Bryant; Alyson Peck; Lauren Henry; Nikki Buchanan; Josh, Thomas, Kyle, Paige, and Alex Henry

 -Great-grandchildren (11): Blake Ingram; Drew Dahlke; Michael and Parker Ingram; Hannah and Hunter Patterson; Isaiah and Malia Buchanan; Kaitlyn, Autumn, and Kaylee Henry.

Visitation: Wednesday, (est. 18 July 2005), Wilson Funeral Home, Fort Oglethorpe, (Walker, Georgia)

Funeral Service: Thursday, (est. 19 July 2005), 1:00 p.m., Chattanooga Valley Presbyterian Church, (Chattanooga Valley, Walker, Georgia)

Officiators: Rev. Daniel Gilchrist and Rev. Ronald Ragon

Pallbearers: "the grandsons and Butch Berry"

Burial: 19 July 2005, Singleterry Cemetery (, Walker, Georgia)

Charitable Donations: Chattanooga Valley Presbyterian Church, P.O. Box 161, Flintstone, GA 30725

Arrangements: W.L. Wilson & Sons Funeral Home, Fort Oglethorpe, (Walker, Georgia)

Funeral Home Website:

Publication Website:

Obituary URL: (accessed 24 Sep 2018)


Related (from

Full name: Lawrence Downs Henry

Birth: 17 April 1925, Chattanooga, Hamilton, Tennessee, United States

Marriage: 1 June 1947 (to Juanita Andrews)

Death: 15 May 2005, Flintstone, Walker, Georgia, United States

Spouse: Juanita Andrews (daughter of Oscar Broome Andrews and Irene Bell Horton) (1925 - 2015)

Father: Bishop Marvin Henry (1885 - 1964)

Mother: Julia Alberta Wyatt (1887 - 1955)

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Josephine Gilbert marriages: David Butram, 1876; and John Emery, 1880. Families of Dekalb County, Tennessee

Facts and Conclusions used to define Josephine Gilbert (Family Search PID 2MGB-G4Z), as of 16 Sept. 2018.

Name: Josephine Gilbert, added 30 May 2012 by FamilySearch.

Birth: 1858, De Kalb, Tennessee, United States, added 30 May 2012 by FamilySearch.

Parents added 26 April 2012 by FamilySearch.

Mother: Emaline Hester Bryant

Father: Joseph W. Gilbert


First Marriage, to David Burtrum, modified 27 April 2012 by FamilySearch. Merged, at some point, with the PID of a record used to create the PID.


Josey Gilbert, "Tennessee, County Marriages, 1790-1950"

Indexed Information (alt., bride-specific):

Name: Josey Gilbert
Event Type: Marriage
Event Date: 12 Aug 1876
Event Place: DeKalb, Tennessee, United States
Gender: Female
Spouse's Name: David Burtrum
Spouse's Gender: Male

Citation: "Tennessee, County Marriages, 1790-1950," database with images, /FamilySearch/ - ( : 30 November 2017), David Burtrum and Josey Gilbert, 12 Aug 1876; citing DeKalb, Tennessee, United States, Marriage, p. , Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville and county clerk offices from various counties; FHL microfilm 593,050.

Added 16 Sep 2018 by user, SouthernMuse (D.K. Pritchett).

(concluded to be the same individual as David Burtrum who married Josey Gilberts, from the record above).

David Butram in the Federal Mortality Census Schedule, 1880

Page 543 (original page 1), Line 37 (indexed as Line 38): David Butram (with "t" uncrossed), aged 30, married white male, deceased. Birth: est. 1849, Tennessee. Both parents born in Tennessee. Death: Dec. 1879, , Dekalb, Tennessee (of Typhoid Fever). Number of months residing in county, not stated.

Source Citation: National Archives and Records Administration (NARA); Washington, D.C.; Federal Mortality Census Schedules, 1850-1880, and Related Indexes, 1850-1880; Archive Collection: T655; Archive Roll Number: 28; Census Year: 1879; Census Place: District 9, DeKalb, Tennessee; Page: 543, Line 37 (indexed as Line 38).


added 16 Sep 2018 by user, SouthernMuse (D.K. Pritchett).

Josie Butram: (concluded to be Josie Gilbert Butram; that is, Josie Gilbert, who married David Burtram, from “Marriage 1,” the record at the top of this page).

Josie Butram, "Tennessee, County Marriages, 1790-1950"

Indexed Information (alt., bride-specific):

Name: Josie Butram
Event Type: Marriage
Event Date: 20 Jan 1880
Event Place: DeKalb, Tennessee, United States
Gender: Female
Spouse's Name: John Emery
Spouse's Gender: Male

Citation: "Tennessee, County Marriages, 1790-1950," database with images, /FamilySearch/ ( : 30 November 2017), John Emery and Josie Butram, 20 Jan 1880; citing DeKalb, Tennessee, United States, Marriage, p. , Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville and county clerk offices from various counties; FHL microfilm 593,050.


Census confirmation exists (below) for conclusion of Josey (Gilbert) Butram's second marriage to John Emery (Embry), noting that Thomas Butram is the stepson of John Emery.

Josie Embry in the United States Census, 1880

Name: Josie Embry
Event Type: Census
Event Date: 1880
Event Place: Civil District 11, De Kalb, Tennessee, United States
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Race (Original): W
Occupation: Keeps House
Relationship to Head of Household: Wife
Relationship to Head of Household (Original): Wife
Birth Year (Estimated): 1860
Birthplace: Tennessee, United States
Father's Birthplace: Tennessee, United States
Mother's Birthplace: Tennessee, United States
Sheet Letter: D
Sheet Number: 98
Person Number: 1
Volume: 1

Household (Role, Relationship, Sex, Age, Birth State, Birth Country):

John Embry, Self, Male, 25, Tennessee, United States
Josie Embry, Wife, Female, 20, Tennessee, United States
Thomas Butram, Stepson, Male, 1, Tennessee, United States