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William Headrick - Deed for Gibson's Chapel, Murray County, Georgia (Headrick/Hilliard)

William Headrick and Gibson's Chapel

Murray Co., Ga.

Murray County, Georgia, Deed Book N, page 185:

Spring Place, Ga. May 23rd 1870.

Received of William Headrick five dollars for an interest in a piece of land in the 10th District of the 3 Section for a place to erect a church house, known as the Gibson Chapel.

Signed in behalf of the M.E. Church South.

Robert McCamy agent,
Recorded and certified for Sept 11th 1877 (date on my copy nearly illegible, could be different)
Signed by the clerk, ? N. Bramblett
Cross-reference no. 1: Murray County Heritage, p. 312: “In 1855 George Gibson gave land for a Methodist Episcopal church located in land lot 91 (10th District, 3rd Section). Trustees for the church were James Julian, William Headrick, Peter Brakebill, Abasalom Ledford, and Johnathan Lusalor. This is believed to be the church known as Gibson’s Chapel where school was held in 1880.”

Cross-reference no. 2: Land lot 91, 10th District, 3rd section, Murray County, Georgia, is dispensed with in Deed Book 32, pp. 15-21, as it is conveyed by various Headrick/Hilliard heirs of James Headrick, dec’d, unto Lester Headrick.

Note: I’ve tried to trace the William Headrick above, but can’t be completely sure. My speculation is that he might be the brother of James Headrick (who married Minerva Stephenson). I have very little information on that William, but he was born about 1837-1838 and would be old enough to handle this land transaction of 1870. His brother, John B. Headrick, lived in Spring Place at one time, and had a granddaughter who married a Hilliard: John B. Headrick’s son, James Headrick, was the father of Lillie Bell Headrick, who married Amos W. Hilliard. This could be the Hilliard connection from the deed. However, I haven’t researched far enough to rule out some other Hilliard-Headrick connection, and I can’t find much information on John B. Headrick’s brother, William.

There is another William Headrick of the appropriate age in Murray County, but his land is in northern Murray, not Spring Place, and he has no close connections to the Hilliard family, as far as I know.

[Note: Lillie Bell Headrick’s mother, Sarah Dunn, is also descended from a Headrick.]

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